Flagged Invoices from Shift Workers

Learn why an invoice might be flagged, and how you can clear the flag on the invoice to pay your worker

In order to help prevent fraudulent or incorrect invoice from being paid out, our system has a way to flag invoices with certain criteria. There are a few reasons an invoice might be flagged: 

  • The invoice was submitted without location data for the clock in or out (worker does not have locations enabled on their phone or with the Poached app)
  • Location data for the clock in or out was over .15 miles from your Shifts address as listed in the Shift post (example, the worker clocked in but was tracked to be over .15 miles away)
  • Invoice was submitted 24 hours past the start of the Shift (worker may have forgot to submit invoice when Shift ended)

To clear a flagged invoice you can navigate to the Billing panel in your Poached Account, and you will find the flagged invoices at the top of that page. Once you clear a flag from an invoice, you can pay the invoice right there. 

As the primary account holder you will be receiving emails whenever an invoice is submitted, flagged or ready to process. It is important to clear the invoice's flag and pay the invoices right away. Our system will assume that the invoice is approved and ready to process after 24 hours of the invoices submittal, and there will be no refund for invoices that are approved after that time.