How do I add different payment methods for each of my Locations?

Before you begin, please confirm that you have successfully added the location to your Poached account. To learn more about adding a new location please click here.

To add different payment methods to each of your locations, click on your Locations tab in your side navigation panel. Then locate the desired locations and click on the blue arrow to the right of that location.

Click Edit to the right of Payment Method.

Enter your card information in the pop up modal that appears, then click Done.

And you are all set! Now that you have successfully saved a payment method for this location, it will be automatically and securely applied at checkout whenever your users purchase a Poached service for this location. 

To enter another payment method to a different location please click on your Locations tanb and repeat these steps with the desired location. 

If you need further assistance with entering different payment methods for each location please reach out to Poached Support at