How do I improve my chances of remaining booked for a Shift?

Keep getting declined for Shifts? Read on for some useful tips!

Employers and Poached have the right to review your profile and work history to determine if you are a good fit for the shift you booked with them. If the employer feels like your bio or work history is not relevant to the shift they have posted, they could decline your application and book another worker. 

For that reason it is important to put any and all restaurant experience in your profile. Having a professional profile photo and brief bio explaining your interests in the industry will also greatly improve your chances of working shifts. 

  • Having a clear profile picture of your face, much like you would see or use on LinkedIn or other professional gig sites, is required. 
  • List any relevant industry experience that does not fit within your recent work history in your bio. A blurb about your interests, what you like about working in hospitality, or even your favorite restaurant, are all good and appropriate items to highlight to show the employer a little bit of who you are. 
  • Put all relevant work history you have from the industry in the work history field—even if you do not have recent experience. 
  • Make sure your area appropriate liquor and food handlers certifications are correct and up to date. Employers will reject workers who do not have the proper certifications uploaded and listed to their profile.

We also have a rating system - when you work a Shift, the employer will be asked to rate your performance on a scale of 1-5 stars. These ratings will be visible to other employers. To learn more about ratings you click here

That all being said, make sure you are applying to shifts that fit your interests and experience!