How do I Include notes on an application?

Including notes on an application: 

Create a Note

Edit or Delete a Note 

Restore a Deleted Note 


To Create a Note: 

1. Find and open the resume of the applicant you'd like to make a note on.  

2. Click on the Notes tab under the applicant's name.

3. Make your note and select Save.



To Edit or Delete a Note:

1. Open the application with the note you'd like to edit or delete. 

2. Select on the Notes tab directly under the applicant's name. 

3. Click on the ellipsis symbol to the right of the note you'd like to update.  

4. Select Edit or Delete.

If you edit your note, make sure to select Save when you are finished editing. 


To Restore a Deleted Note: 

If you accidentally deleted a note and would like it restored, simply click Undo next to the note, "This note has been deleted."