How do I invite a specific individual to my Shift?

There are a couple ways to invite specific workers to your Shifts

Have a Shift or Shift series that you want to build for an individual? You can do so if they on your roster or invited to your roster (see more about building up your roster here).

1. Create and publish your Shift as normal, making sure to fill out the dates, times, description and additional details of the shift. Though you will be inviting an individual to this Shift, all Poached Shift workers will be able to see this posting and join the waitlist* for this Shift. 

When you have completed filling out your shift information and click “Next”, you will select “Only Allow Specific Workers” on the “Preview your Shift” page. 

From here you will be able to select individuals who are available during the Shifts’ time. You will receive a confirmation that the workers you selected will be the only ones allowed to book this shift. 

The worker will still need to finalize the booking on their end and approve of any knock-out requirements you selected. 

2. If the worker is not on your roster, you can still invite them to your roster and a Shift at the same time! Simply navigate to your Shifts Roster Panel, go to Build Your Worker Roster, and select Invite on the Poached worker you are interested in. 

Once they are invited, you will have the option to create a Shift for them by clicking "Invite to Shift" - this will then take you to the Shift page where you will need to fill out all of the Shift details, and publish. 

Please Note: 

  • If your invited worker does not accept or book this shift, or cancels the shift due to emergency, you can edit your worker selection option, or Worker Eligibility Settings for that Shift to allow other workers to book— Find more information on how to do that here.
  • Only workers who are already on your roster may book a Shift limited to rostered workers.