How do I update my resume and cover letter after applying for a job?

If you accidentally used an outdated resume or need to make a correction on your cover letter. You can complete these revisions through your Poached account.

*Please Note: Updating your application can only be completed on the Poached site. At this time this feature is not available on the Poached App.

To update your resume:

1. Click on the Applications tab in your side navigation panel

2. Click the blue arrow to the right of the desired application

3. Click on Update Resume
4. Select your resume preference or upload a new resume.

*Please Note: You also have the option to use your Poached Profile instead of a resume. If you prefer this option please click Use your Profile.

Once you selected/uploaded the correct resume it will update automatically.

To update a cover letter:

1. Follow steps 1 & 2 from To update your resume

2. Click Update Cover Letter

3.Enter your cover letter into the empty text field

4. Click Update

If you need further assistance with updating your application please reach out to