1. Contact us at support@poachedjobs.com
  2. Managing your Poached Worker Account

My login code isn't working, now what?

Instead of passwords, we now send you a login code via email or text message, depending on your Communication Preferences. If you are not receiving a login code, your phone number is incorrect, or the code doesn't work as expected, follow these steps. 

1. In the app or on the website, select Log In.

2. Enter your Poached account email and select Next. 

3. You will now land on a modal asking you to enter a 4-digit login code. Directly under the Welcome Back! We include the email or last 4-digits of the phone number we sent your code. 

4. If you do not see a login code, first select Resend Code. 

5. If you still do not receive a login code, please click to send the code via the opposite form of communication. (E.G. we sent it via text, ask to have it sent via email.)

6. If the option is available to you, select Use my password and enter your password to recover your account. Once you've logged in, check your email and verified phone number to ensure everything is correct and up to date. 


If you are still having issues logging into your account, email us at support@poachedjobs.com.