What are the Poached Shift Policies for Workers?

Here is a quick review of some Poached Shift Policies:


  • Shift Cancellation - If you need to cancel your Shift, you must do so at least 12 hours before it is scheduled to start. You can cancel your shift through the Poached app.

    Please keep in mind that if you have an emergency and need to cancel within 12 hours of the shift start time, reach out to Poached Support and your employer. It's important to provide proof of the emergency, such as a positive covid test, police report, insurance report, or doctor's note. Failure to provide proof may result in a 30-day suspension from Poached Shifts. Additionally, if you have multiple cancellations within that 12 hour time-frame, it could lead to a permanent suspension from Poached Shifts.

  • No Call No Show - If you fail to cancel your Shift through the app or provide any notice to your employer or Poached Support, resulting in a No Call No Show, you will face a permanent suspension from using Poached Shifts.
  • Fraudulent Invoices - If you are found to have submitted inaccurate hours or invoices, your access to Poached Shifts will be permanently revoked.
  • Duplicate Accounts - If you attempt to create a duplicate account in order to avoid a suspension, your access to Poached Shifts will be permanently revoked.
  • Incomplete or False Account and Profile -Failing to fully fill out your Shift Profile, which includes adding a profile picture, or neglecting to complete your Stripe Connect account, or providing false personal information will lead to a permanent suspension from using Poached Shifts. It is mandatory to have a profile picture in order to be eligible for Shifts.
  • Low Worker Ratings - After every shift, employers have the opportunity to rate your performance. If your rating falls below 3 stars, you will be temporarily suspended from using Poached Shifts. However, if you receive more than two 3-star ratings in a month, but your overall average is still above 3 stars, you may face a 30-day suspension.
  • Food and Liquor Handling Certifications - To ensure the safety of both our workers and employers, it is essential for all Shift workers to possess the food and/or liquor handling licenses and certifications that are specific to their area. These certifications are mandatory for joining the Poached Shifts platform. If your certifications have expired or if you have uploaded incorrect files on our platform, you may face a suspension from using Poached Shifts.

Poached Jobs Zero Tolerance & Permanent Suspension - It is essential for workers to follow Poached policies at all times when using Poached Shifts. Failure to comply with these policies will result in a permanent suspension from using the Poached Shifts platform.

  • Harassment of any kind to another individual while at the workplace. Rude or Aggressive behavior towards anyone at Poached or at the workplace.
  • Lack of general professionalism that results in poor ratings or reports from others of misconduct at the workplace or from Poached support.
  • Misuse of substances while at the workplace, or in a fashion that negatively impacts job performance while at the shift, will result in a permanent suspension.
  • Theft of any kind while at the workplace.
  • Being banned from multiple companies on the platform.
  • Trespassing of any kind, including showing up to Shifts that you are not, or no longer, booked for. 

It is important to be aware that Poached is not required to notify you if you are suspended from our platform.