How much does a Shift cost?

You pay each booked workers hourly rate listed in your Shift, plus a flat $39 service fee per worker for every Shift worked. 

For an example: if you posted a Shift needing one worker for three days you would pay the worker for hours worked as well as $39 for each of the three Shifts.

Please NoteAll payments for Shift invoices must be completed through Poached using our payment processor, Stripe. Please do not issue payment directly to the Shift worker, this can negatively affect the worker's tax reporting, as well as, the worker's insurance coverage through Poached will be voided and you will be liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur. 

Please contact Poached Customer Success at if you fill your Shift internally or no longer need your Shift filled.

Please Note: If you cancel a booked Shift 12 hours or less prior to the Shift start time, you will be charged the Shift Fee of $39 and the booked worker will receive payment for 4 hours at the hourly wage you set to the Shift.