What are the Worker Eligibility Settings?

Learn about the 4 ways of inviting workers to your shift

The Worker Eligibility Settings is a feature for employees to specify who can book their shift. This setting is optional for each shift, and you also have the ability to edit this setting after you have posted your Shift. To learn more about changing your Worker Eligibility Settings for a posted Shift, please click here.

The different options of eligibility are: 

  • Any Worker Can Book
  • Roster Workers Preferred
  • Only Allow Rostered Workers
  • Only Allow Specific Workers

Any Worker Can Book*: You are open to having any worker, rostered or not, book your shift. *This option is the default selection.

Roster Workers Preferred: For 6 hours after you post your shift, Poached will only inform your rostered workers that have availability and match the Shift position. All the rostered workers that match the Shift have 6 hours to respond and book. After that, your post is open for any worker to book. 

Only Allow Rostered Workers: This means that only workers from your Shift Roster are allowed to book your Shift. At no time will your Shift be open for any worker to book.

Only Allow Specific Workers: Choosing this option will allow you to select individual workers from your Shift Roster to invite to the shift. Only these workers can book this shift. Workers that are not specifically invited, rostered or not, will be waitlisted for the shift. If the invited worker cancels the shift, it will not re-open for others to book. See more information on this setting here