What does "Waitlisted" mean?

Onboarding Waitlist - If markets do not currently have active Poached Shifts or if we have enough workers for the posted Shifts in your area, you may be placed on an Onboarding Waitlist. Please be assured that if your profile is complete and your state/county certifications are loaded, we will reach out to you once we reopen the market you are in.

Shift Waitlist - If you apply for a Poached Shift but are placed on the waitlist, it means that the Shift has already been booked by another worker. However, if the Shift becomes available again, you will receive a notification and have the chance to apply for it once more.

Kindly note that all individuals on the waitlist will receive a notification when the shift becomes available again. The shift is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If another worker books the shift, you will be placed back on the waitlist.