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  2. Managing your Poached Worker Account

What is a roster request?

Learn about joining a roster and how it works.

Employers can invite you to join their roster when you work with Poached Shifts. 

Joining a roster means you're pre-approved and prioritized by the employer to book shifts before others who are not on their roster. 

When you're invited to join a roster, we'll notify you via push notification. You'll see the request in the Notifications tab of the Poached App, where you can accept or decline the invitation. 

roster invite (1)

We notify rostered workers of newly posted shifts before promoting them to anyone else, giving rostered workers priority to book first. Make sure to update your availability - you're only notified of shifts that fit your schedule. 

Employers can roster you for specific business locations and roles. If you're rostered for a server shift but see a bartender shift, you won't be prioritized to book the bartender shift because you are not on the employer's roster for that role. 

Additionally, you might be asked to join a roster from an employer you have yet to work with. We allow employers to view worker profiles and invite workers who seem like a good fit to join their roster. You can learn what makes a good profile, here!

If you are removed from a roster, you will receive a notice in your Poached app notifications.