Who is eligible for Poached Shifts?

Find out if you are right for Poached Shifts

Poached Shifts is for seasoned and dynamic hospitality professionals who need minimal training for their booked shift and can jump right into any action that the Shift requires. 

A Poached Shift worker is confident in engaging with new individuals and seamlessly integrating into different teams, all while being adaptable to unfamiliar environments and instructions.

A Poached worker is an independent contractor using our platform. Please note that Shift workers are not employed by Poached. Those who work Poached Shifts are responsible for managing their own schedules and personal commitments while completing shifts.

In order to work Poached Shifts, it is necessary to have your local food or liquor certifications. Your Shifts account will not be approved until the required certifications are uploaded to your profile through the app.

Eligibility for Working Poached Shifts

  • Must be over 18. You will be your own independent 1099 contract worker and will need to be able to file your own taxes
  • You have at least 2 years of experience working in the hospitality industry - within the last 4 fours
  • You have locally required food and/or liquor handlers certifications uploaded to your Poached Shifts account
  • You have completed the Poached Shifts account set up through the app, including adding an appropriate profile photo, bio, and work history or your resume, and completed the in-app onboarding process.
  • You are in a market with open onboarding for new workers (due to a high level of interest, we temporarily close specific markets to maintain a balance of workers and available shifts)

Meet all the criteria and are still interested in working with us?! Click on the link below to find out your next steps: How Can I Start Working Poached Shifts?