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  2. Managing your Poached Worker Account

Why is my Invoice Flagged?

There are some situations that will cause an invoice to appear as Flagged to employers and may cause delay in your payment processing

When a worker submits an invoice under certain conditions, it will be marked as Flagged in the employers Poached account. Invoices can be flagged for various reasons, including:

  • Location: If your clock-in or clock-out time is not within a certain radius of your Shifts location. It is important to allow Poached to access your phones Location settings for this reason.
  • Submission Time: Invoices for a Shift must be submitted within 24 hours of the Shift's end. Please submit your invoice as soon as you are clocked out.
  • Exceeds scheduled hours: If your invoice reports time that exceeds 20% of the scheduled hours. If you were invited to work more then the scheduled Shift, reach out to Support to clear your flag or adjust your invoice.

If you believe your payment is delayed due to any of these reasons, please reach out to Poached Support (support@poachedjobs.com) for clarification and to continue on with payment processing.