Why is my account suspended?

Poached Jobs and Shifts Zero Tolerance & Suspensions

If your account has been suspended, it could be because you didn't provide proof of emergency for last-minute cancellations or no-shows, you don't have the necessary certifications and food handlers for your area, or your profile is incomplete or contains a profile image that violates our profile picture policies. If you have any questions or believe that your account was suspended by mistake, please contact us at support@poachedjobs.com.

Here is a quick list of reasons that your account may also be suspended:

30 Day Suspension:

  • Cancellation of a Shift within 12 hours of its start time (No proof of listed valid emergency and 1st offense)
  • 2 or more 3 star ratings in a month, but average rating is still above 3 stars

Permanent Suspension:

  •  Harassment of any kind to another individual while at the workplace.
  • No Call No Show for a Shift 
  • Lack of general professionalism that results in poor ratings or reports from others of misconduct at the workplace

  • Misuse of substances while at the workplace, or in a fashion that negatively impacts job performance while on premise for Shift, before, during or after scheduled Shift.

  •  Theft of any kind while at the workplace

  •  Being banned from multiple employers on the platform

  • Rude or abrasive behavior to Poached agents and representatives
  • Average worker rating drops below 3 stars
  • Showing up to a Shift that you are not booked for, or otherwise trespassing

For more information on Poached Shift Policies for Workers, please click here.

If you believe your account has been suspended in error, please reach out to support@poached.com

Poached is not obligated to reach out in regards to account suspension.