How do I use the Poached Profile?

To use the Poached Profile:

1. Select Apply on any job.

2. When asked if you have a resume, select Edit Resume. 

3. Your Poached Profile will appear where you can create, update and review your Poached Profile.

4. Selecting Next will land you in the Submit Application step where you can include a cover letter and review your Poached Profile one more time.

5. Submit your application and you're one step closer to landing your dream job on Poached!  


You can use your Poached Profile as a resume when applying to any job on Poached. You can manage your profile from the Profile panel located in the side navigation. From here you can easily create and update your profile at any time. All updates will be reflected in your Poached Profile when used in your next application. 

Please note: If you are utilizing your Poached Profile to apply for jobs, employers are unable to view your profile photo. The photo is only implemented in regards to Poached Shifts.