How can I start working Poached Shifts?

Due to high interest and availability of Shifts, we are no longer onboarding in the Portland OR, Seattle, or Austin TX areas. For stage Shifts specifically set for you through an employer, please reach out to Poached Support if assistance is needed


After downloading the Poached app through your mobile device app store, you must register an account with an email address. If you already have a Poached account, you can log in by entering the email associated with that account. 

Next, you can enter your preferred name and phone number. We will send a 4-digit code to the phone number and you will use this code to log in.

Once logged into your Poached Account on the app, you can create your  Shifts profile. Though you may view Jobs and Shifts at this time, you can only book Shifts once you complete the onboarding process. 

To start setting up your profile, go to the app's Shifts tab and tap Create Profile. We will need your address to determine if Shifts are available in your area. 

If we are not accepting new Shift workers in your area, you will be placed on our waitlist for Shifts. You will not be able to complete the setup process until we reopen the area to onboard new workers - keep an eye out for any emails from the Poached team, as we will let you know when we start onboarding again. 

If you are in an area where we are currently onboarding workers, we will need to verify your eligibility to work Poached Shifts. Poached Shifts is for experienced hospitality professionals (over the age of 18) who need minimal training for any booked position and can jump right into any action that the Shift requires.

You can quickly set up your profile by uploading a hospitality-related resume or conveniently build your profile directly on the app by inputting your work history.

You will need to upload a PDF or PNG version of your locally required food and/or liquor handler cards to work Poached Shifts. If interested in only back-of-house positions, you may only have your food handlers. If you are interested in any front-of-house positions, you will need to have both your local food and liquor certifications. If it is legally required in your area, then it is also required to work Poached Shifts.

If you are in an area where these certifications are not required, you may skip this section.

Afterward, you will receive a prompt to add a profile photo to your account. You must upload a clear image of your face to be approved to work Shifts. To learn more about what makes a great profile photo, check out our article What Makes a Good Profile Photo. A profile photo is required. You will not be onboarded if your photo does not meet our criteria. Keep in mind that you could be working with an employer and team that may not know you. The Profile Photo is essential so the employer can recognize you and know who to greet for the Shift.

Once your information is filled out and certifications are uploaded, you will be asked to choose your Shift Preferences. Only choose job preferences that you have experience in and are reflected in your work history. Remember, our Poached team will review your profile before you can book Shifts. If your preferences do not match your work history, you may not be approved to work Poached Shifts.

After this step, you will need to watch our Onboarding video. Once you have completed the Onboarding Video, your account will be reviewed by our Poached Onboarding team. It is important to note that if you are missing any of the above requirements, your account will not be considered for review. 

Once you’ve been approved by the Poached Onboarding team you will need to set up your payment method to get paid for working Poached Shifts. Go to the Shifts Payment Portal on the Shifts tab of the app. An in-app browser will open to our payment processor, Stripe, where you will set up direct deposit. Here, you must enter information to confirm your identity and your banking or banking card credentials to complete direct deposit. To learn more about our payment processor partner, you can go to our article: What is Stripe


Once you have entered your banking information and finalized your Stripe account, you're ready to Book Shifts! Don’t forget to browse the articles in our Help Desk for a smooth experience on our platform. We’re excited to have you onboard. As always, if you have any questions, you can contact our Support team at