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  2. Managing your Poached Worker Account

Can I appeal my Shifts Account Suspension?

At Poached, we understand that unexpected situations can happen. If your account is suspended because you did not show up for a Shift or you declined a booking within 12 hours of the Shifts start, you may have the opportunity to appeal the suspension.

To appeal your account suspension due to a No Show or last minute decline, you will need to reach out to Poached Support with the following information:

  • Date of  Shift
  • Employer of Shift
  • Proof of Emergency - Proof may include, but is not limited to: Watermarked doctors note, AAA receipt or statement from mechanic, positive illness test with date, police report or insurance report, funeral programs or obituaries 

Providing this information is not a guarantee that your account suspension will be lifted.

If you think your account was suspended mistakenly for a different reason, please don't hesitate to contact Poached Support for further details and to determine if you qualify for a suspension appeal.

Please be aware that suspensions resulting from unprofessional behavior such as theft, being under the influence of substances, or any form of aggression may not receive a response.

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To reach out to Poached Support, please email support@poachedjobs.com